Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top 5 Posts for Week Ending February 18, 2012

Next weekend is the fabulous Coffee and Tea Festival in New York City. I will be reporting for you all the happenings next Saturday but if you can attend, do so. It is a really fun event and worth every penny of the admission fee plus it is right across from the Empire State Building!! 

Here are the top 5 for this week....drum roll please!!
  1. Gorgeous Scones Article and Recipe
  2. Bill Cunningham at NY Fashion Week 2012
  3. Classy Women Photographers at NY Fashion Week
  4. DKNY PR Girl and the Magic of Twitter
  5. Are you on Pinterest?

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1 comment

DowntonAbbeyCooks said...

Thanks for sharing Sawsan's post on scones with your world. Bringing Australia, Jordan and NYC together. Sawsan is an orthodontist so you know she is very meticulous; her tips of breaking down the elements of how to a perfect scone is something which I will also share to my readers on my Tea Tuesday post of

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