Monday, January 2, 2012

Kate Laine Jewelry at the Shops At Bryant Park

If you have yet to visit the Shops at Bryant Park, they are still open one more week until January 8th. This jewelry shop perked our interest in the gorgeous way everything was displayed. We had to take a peek in to see what they were selling.  
Isn't this gorgeous? Would love this for my bedroom!!  
Kate Laine Jewelry uses Swarovski crystal in their jewelry collections. Sounds like a great idea as they are only some of the best crystal money can buy.  
Very unique items and really quite original  
If money were no object, I would have bought everything in this photo. Everything. Just really gorgeous and love the colors.  
More pretty bracelets to choose from........... 
Another really unique jewelry collection here as well ....If you have any birthdays in January, this would be a great stop to pick up something original and unique!! 
After shopping, you can take to the ice for some skating! Love the gorgeous Bryant Park Hotel  overlooking the skating rink!! 
Open until January 8, 2012 


  • Monday–Friday: 11am–8pm
  • Saturday: 10am–9pm
  • Sunday: 10am–6pm

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Kiran said...

So beautiful!

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