Saturday, November 26, 2011

Veniero's Bakery in the East Village

Finally getting to the East Village and the much-talked-about Veniero's Bakey for a visit to Italian Pastry Heaven.......hope you are not reading this on a empty stomach........
Window was decorated sweet and I loved the stain glass at the top.......
Of course they have cannoli, but as you can see, chocolate and vanilla cream which I do not see everywhere. The cream is the "correct" cream as I call it, made with ricotta which I could eat alone with a spoon. 

I was delirious looking at these cases of pastry and there are quite a bit of them 
I had brought a cooler with me to be able to take items with cream to not worry about getting spoiled until I got home. You must come prepared when you visit a place like this. It is a must!! 
They make their own maripan, which is a confection made of almonds reduced to a paste with sugar & often molded into different forms, usually diminutive fruits & vegetables.
Cookies galore are in the cases as well. I was really stumped as to what I was taking home on this trip. 
Did I mention the cannoli? I love the choices of chocolate shell with chocolate must really love chocolate for this cannoli !! 
So many dainty works of pastry art adorned these cases......I couldn't help but smile !! 
For the fruit lovers out there, wonderful little tarts with pastry cream await you .......
This is probably my second favorite Italian dessert to cannoli. It is just so light and fluffy and nice after a meal as not too sweet or heavy. 
The good news is they ship their items! Click on their name below for their website and see what you would like to cannot go wrong with any items here. They are made in the old-world style with care and passion which you cannot find in just any bakery. 

342 East 11th Street

Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffe on Urbanspoon

Today's Words of Wisdom: Don't knock it till you've tried it 

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erin said...

WOW definitely going to be checking that place out!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Pastries are my weakness. They look delicious.

SohoAccessories said...

Looks delicious, but if you are ever in Astoria,Queens you must try Terrizzi Pastry Shop. They don't stuff the cannoli until you buy. If you are purchasing many they package the cream in containers so that the shells stay crunchy until you are ready to serve them then you stuff them. The cream is to die for.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

That sounds like a great idea to send you the cream separate and then you can fill when ready to eat! Nothing worse than a soggy cannoli imo...we have a local italian bakery that sells the shells (they are work to make) and then you can make your own cream (not that hard ) to serve to guests. I need to see more of Queens than the Bille Jean National Tennis Center, so it seems!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, everything looks so tasty! Making your choices must have been a challenge... I love the fact that you brought a cooler with you, hehe! The mini pineapple tarts are quite adorable ;)

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