Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gin Fizz Perfume at the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show

Perfume and Paris go hand in hand, so it was natural to see some gorgeous displays at the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show  
The renowned Parisian perfume house, Lubin, offered a variety of fragrances including one that pays homage to the Philadelphia native, Grace Kelly.  
The featured fragrance, Gin Fizz, is a delightful bouquet of citrus and floral notes that evoke the extraordinary beauty of this legend from Philadelphia who became a Princess. This scent was created in 1955 and the name came from the cocktail in fashion that year in the American Bars in Paris. 
The folks working the Lubin counter allowed me to photograph this great perfume decanter from the Palace of  Versailles.....I thought that was pretty amazing!  
This year's show was really quite chic, stylish and had great panache....alot like Paris herself!!

Lubin perfumes can be found in some stores in New York City as Henri Bendel and Blue Tree but you can check their website HERE for other locations in the USA and around the world. I did purchase my bottle at the show, have yet to use it but so looking forward!! 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Admire People who Succeed at Living Life on their Own Terms 

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Anonymous said...

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Claudia said...

As a die-hard New Yorker who lives in Minnesota, your blog got to me! How I wish I could get there once a month and go to these events! There's no place like NYC!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Very true Claudia, NYC is the best! Hope you stop by once and a while and see what's up! I have great giveaways as well ......Thanx for visiting!!

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