Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daphne Guinness @ the Fashion Institute of Technology

I was a pretty busy lady in the city this past Saturday!! Headed to the Fashion Institute of Technology or FIT to see the Daphne Guinness exhibit. If you did not get to see McQueen @ the Met, this has many of his designs on view and is pretty amazing. The exhibit is free, so anyone can enjoy the wonders of Ms. Guinness's fabulous collection.  

There is no photography allowed so here are some items from the FIT website:  
*Dress by Chanel. From the collection of Daphne Guinness. 
*Dress by Alexander McQueen. From the collection of Daphne Guinness. 
*Shoes by Nina Ricci. From the collection of Daphne Guinness. 
*Boots by Alexander McQueen. From the collection of Daphne Guinness.
*Jacket by Chanel. From the collection of Daphne Guinness.

*All photography © Copyright 2011 The Museum at FIT.

*The Honorable Daphne Suzanne Diana Joan Guinness was born in 1967, the daughter of brewery heir, Jonathan Guinness, Lord Moyne, and French beauty, Suzanne Lisney.  Her paternal grandmother was Diana Mitford, one of the legendary Mitford sisters. In 1987, at the age of nineteen, Daphne married Spyros Niarchos. After her divorce in 1999, Daphne resumed her maiden name, and over the past decade has emerged on the world’s stage an extraordinary fashion creature.

*We tend to think of fashion as being created by fashion designers. Yet designers do not create in isolation.  Amanda HarlechKarl Lagerfeld’s aide-de-camp and muse, has said that “Karl is continually inspired by [Daphne].” Moreover, although designers propose new looks, in order for something to become fashionable, to move off the runway and into real life, it has to be taken up by various fashion insiders, including editors, photographers, retailers, and fashion trendsetters.

*text from FIT website 

I will probably see this again in November when I am in the city for a few days to cover the 2011 Chocolate Show New York. It is too good to not view a second time and I am sure I will see things I missed the first time just because I was so in awe. Be sure to have this on your New York City Museum To Do List !!! 

Today's Words of Wisdom: “Part of being a conscious human being, is having an intention. And if you put an intention into whatever you do, it’s definitely going to be more satisfying in the end.” -Daphne Guinness

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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine wearing those shoes? I am all about comfort since I broke my ankle. I am sure I couldn't even stand in them.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

How about wearing while sitting and then carrying them when you need to walk around? Or being carried by a handsome guy.....they are pretty wild shoes....good for those who can wear them!!

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