Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stuffed Artisan Cannoli in Little Italy

Stuffed Artisan Cannoli was something I had been dying to try....and on our last trip to Little Italy, I had my chance!! 
in front of Caffe Napoli on Mulberry Street, on Saturday 12-930pm and Sunday 12-8pm, they have a cannoli stand  
I have never been so happy to see a cannoli ! The owners, Anthony Fontana and Brielle Dahan, have a unique twist to the original cannoli....adding some flavor to make it a bit more hip! These are chocolate dipped shell with mint ricotta filling......they have 15 various flavors each week..... 
french toast .....they make a total of 70 different flavors....and I love the smaller size because you can try more than one at a time.... 
chocolate dipped shell with strawberry filling  
these had my name written all over them....peanut butter cup cannoli with a chocolate dipped was amazing, I must say! The filling was not too sweet and the peanut butter flavor was just the right amount..... 
my assistant bought the birthday cake and said it was just wonderful...didn't last long in her house .... 
pistachio of course is pretty popular 

these are for sure a different twist on the wonderful cannoli dessert, but I think a great idea and you really must give it a try....they use fresh ricotta which is most important for the filling and in their store on Stanton Street you can get micro-mini's to sample a few of the many flavors....... 
a latte right now sounds really good with all these cannoli's !! 

Stuffed Artisan Cannoli 

Store Location: 176 Stanton St. (between Clinton and Attorney St.), New York, NY
Phone: (212) 995-2266
Fax: (212) 995-0600
Shipping: Please note that the flavors change every week. Contact us with your Full address so that we will be able to give you a shipping quote until our shopping cart section is up on the website.
Store Hours:
Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 1PM – 8PM
Thursday: 1PM – 8PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 10PM
Sunday: 11AM – 6PM
We deliver below 72nd St. every Tuesday – Friday! $15.00 Fee Applies / 2 Doz. Min Order

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they have some wonderful flavors! I'd probably go for one of the chocolate dipped ones ;)

Marina Mott said...

Great post and yummy...xx

Anonymous said...

These look so yummy.

Eden Angel said...

yummm they look delicious! xx

The Single Nester said...

All those cannolis! My mouth is watering.

Dee said...

Oh my! Those cannolis look so yummy. I was drooling over those pistachio cannolis. I had to drag my hubby over to the computer just to look at them.

Thanks for sharing,

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