Friday, July 29, 2011

Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery  and Thomas Keller .....I can't say enough except if you walk by one, go in. Period. They just opened a bakery in Rockefeller Center which I was thrilled about because the other location is in Columbus Circle which makes it kind of hard for me to pick up items when in the city for the day. April they were still working on the place. I was sad.  
Luckily for us, by May they were open when we had our monthly visit. I was smiling from ear to ear! 
wonderful items to take home to the family and friends (or hide for yourself)  
Sugar Croissants...oh my word...what a brilliant idea!!  
they have sandwiches as well so you can do a lunch here....they looked quite tasty ....this location is in the old Dean and DeLuca spot and I much prefer Bouchon....they didn't even mind me taking photos....... 
okay, how do you decide here? I would love to go in one day and say "One of everything you have" wonder how much that would come to (and how many bags I would be taking home)  
this is really not fair to do to someone.....what little yummy works of art they are!!  
since my mom loves sticky buns, one of these went home with me...she said it was the best EVER...enough said there as what mom says, goes....... 

 cakes are also available...imagine how popular you would be if you brought one of these to a dinner party?  
Their shrimp and avocado salad is just to die for !!! 
chocolate eclairs...they make coffee ones as well....gosh I am getting hungry just writing this post! :( 
it is a very small space, most seating is outside which will not be too good when weather is cold out but for now just we were leaving a couple was contemplating getting in the line....I said, "Oh go get in line as it is so worth the time".......they did.....good move on their part  
one of their most famous cookies is the TKO which stands for Thomas Keller Oreo...yeah he makes his own and well, they pretty much overtake the real one by a amazing you cannot imagine!  
this is a chocolate cherry scone...3 of my most favorite words as I do love scones very tasty and yummy for breakfast will you be sure to stop in here should you walk past on a trip to New York City? I should hope so. You will be a very happy person walking out. Trust me. 

Below, from their website, location information for NYC...they are also in Las Vegas and Napa Valley as well if you are traveling to either place in the distant future!!! Website is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The sugar croissants look to die for. "One of everything you have", I've always wanted to say that somewhere ;)

Another great bakery, thanks for sharing!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Yes I think one of those I will have to try next time in the city! Can't go wrong with Anything in this place!

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