Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage by Sue Harmon @ Manhattan Vintage Show

My trip to the Manhattan Vintage Show in April allowed me to meet some really great people. Sue Harmon is one of the many, her items were amazing as well as her personality! Sue is a buyer and seller of Men's and Women's Vintage Clothing and Jewelry. She sells at the Manhattan Vintage Shows, the Brooklyn Flea and has a store on ebay called Vintage by Sue are some of her items that caught my eye....
this was a Chanel piece......... 
this was so pretty ....that is Sue behind the dress !!  
I really fell in love with this one...loved the color combo and below  
how pretty are those crystals ?? I just loved it !!  
black and turquoise always a great color together  
 this was one of Sue's favorites....what a gorgeous swim can see Esther Williams in this very
easily! I like the necklace with it as well !!
Here are a few items from her ebay store: 
Vintage 50s Swank Pearlized Sunglasses from France HERE 
Vintage Sequin Hat HERE 
Does this say Mad Men?? Vintage Gray Fedora Hat HERE 

 I hope you enjoyed some of Sue's items and you can have her newsletter sent to you with new items in her Ebay store. If you happen to be visiting the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays, be sure to check the vendor guide for her booth. You will be delighted with what you find!!

Today's Words of Wisdom: Remember to Smile when you Wake Up 


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