Saturday, May 14, 2011

Macaron Parlour at Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe

I had been looking to check out the Lily O'Brien Chocolate Cafe near Bryant Park for a long time now....but when I went in, I was shocked to find ....... 
French Macarons!! I was so excited and the first thing I asked was did they make them.....The person working the counter was not too knowledgeable but another said they were from Macaron Parlour..... 
I knew the name but never tried their macarons before so I was excited! And all the flavors, tiramisu...earl grey...peanut butter...nutella....they pride themselves on making flavors that are unique.... 
The peanut butter (as we all know how I feel about chocolate and peanut butter) was what I enjoyed in the shop and it was amazing! These were the take home flavors......on my new dish from the Philadelphia Flower Show 
The blue is the nutella and it was really quite tasty....these must be eaten within a day of purchase as keeping them a few days ruins the freshness and taste experience  
the red was velvet.....again thought it was really quite tasty ....the brown one is cappuccino....if you were wondering!! 
the purple was earl grey and it tasted with just the right amount of earl grey ......

They offer other neat flavors like candied bacon with maple cream cheese frosting, s'mores, snickers, and black sesame with cookies and cream ice cream. If you are willing to by pass the traditional french macaron flavors, these would be worth a try for sure! I know I would love to try more flavors. These make a great item to take back home to family and friends as French Macarons are very different from American ones. You can find a recipe HERE from the Food Network as they use almond flour, no coconut in these macarons. They are really a unique item that cannot be found just anywhere. 

You can purchase Macaron Parlour at:

Hester Street Fair beginning May 7, 2011
Lily O'Brien's
36 W 40th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenues
Charbonnel et Walker
8th Floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave
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Vær våken said...

Wish that chocolate cafe was just around my corner!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

x Kristin

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Rosemary:
How positively mouth wateringly delicious these look. For us, the best macaroons are those sold by Laduree in Paris - but these look equally good!

Paris Pastry said...

What a pleasant surprise! Nutella and peanut butter; yum!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I have seen photos of Laduree and would love to get there someday but the NY shops are really trying to get it right. These were really very good!!

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