Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Palm Sunday !!

It seems Easter has come pretty fast this year. Here are some great shots I took last year during the Easter holiday in the know there will be chocolate here somewhere.......

Crumbs cupcakes are really tasty and their window was painted for Spring on Madison Avenue
very springy cupcakes...Lolly LaCrumb was available ....
the Bond No 9 Shop was advertising the Brooklyn scent with a real london cab
bunnies at Dean and DeLuca on the Upper East Side 
this gorgeous doggie posing for me outside Dean and DeLuca..didn't even bark...NYC dogs are very friendly!! 
La Maison du Chocolat bunnies in their window on Madison Avenue
my great friend and I were walking on Madison and came across this chocolate shop Leonidas 
we had never heard of it before so had to go in..their windows were amazing
this is serious chocolate..not for the faint of heart .....
such a great, spring Easter window..oh and great chocolate as well 
how much more Easter can you get that this at Rock Center??? 
I hope you all have a wonderful Palm Sunday!! 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Wisdom Takes Hard Work to Acquire 



Gunn said...

Great images and a great blog!

Gunn / Norway.

Anonymous said...

How sweet tasting a place your city seems to be. Thank you for this nice escape. Please have you all a good new week.

daily athens

Unknown said...

Beautiful! The flowers are my favorite, but those little bunnies are adorable. And I have decided I am in the wrong $3.75 per cupcake I am ready to break out the eggs and flour!

I enjoy drooling over all the chocolate. Believe it or not,my dear husband loves not chocolate, but...Peeps! Those nasty little marshmallow things! He figured out yesterday for only $32 (?!) he could buy a whole case of them from Wal-Mart! gives me diabetes just thinking about it. Thank you for photos of REAL treats!

Paris Pastry said...

How lovely! Hope your Easter will be as beautiful as last years!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

these pics are just such nice easter chocolate windows....

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