Friday, March 4, 2011

Fresh and Company

I felt we had been lacking in some food posts so hear we go....hope you are not reading on an empty stomach. If so, I am sorry!! When I go into the city, one of the places I pop in for breakfast is Fresh and Company. They have a location in midtown near Fox News on 6th Avenue between East 47th and 48th Streets. They are right across from our friends, Financier, and have really excellent food.
they have 4 locations in the city but this is the one I frequent the is nice because they have seating outside and it is covered, in case of rain......since it was a bit cold with my visit in February, I sat inside  
It is a nice bright orange and green decor.....they are famous for selling the most fresh, healthy and natural foods possible. It is great to find a place where you can eat really healthy food and enjoy it 
yummy buttermilk pancakes looked really good  
so did this great salad item
they have tasty baguette sandwiches and panini melts 
Organic and Fat Free Muffins as well as Croissants, Danish and Pound Cake 
their desserts are amazing ....they are also 100% Trans Fat Free....this pumpkin tart looked so yummy!!
Oreo Cookie Brownie really was speaking to me.......
or a plain fudge brownie could really do the trick 
Almond - Apple - Crumb - Tart ...four words that go so well together !!

This is a great place for eating any time of the day.....really good food at nice prices and healthy...what more could you ask for?? If you are walking by one and you are a bit hungry, do stop in and rest those feet. You will quite enjoy yourself. 

Fresh and Company website is HERE for all locations and menus 

Fresh & Co on Urbanspoon

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The Fashionable Traveler said...

Thanks for the tip. I will have to try next time I'm in NYC. I love those ore brownies...I always have to have one when I'm in the city.

Happy Friday!

Paris Pastry said...

Oh, dear! I read your warning, but I still read it on an empty stomach... Mistake!

Katness said...

I have Fresh & Co. close to my job and I always get the falafel panini for lunch. I also like that I can see while my food is being made (hygiene issue...).

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