Monday, October 18, 2010

The Brooklyn Diner and Lee's Art Shop

During my recent Photo Safari we had a wonderful late lunch at the Brooklyn Diner. I had always heard about the place but this was the first time going in for some food. I just love diners, that feel takes you back to the 1950's ...I felt like James Dean would walk by any minute!! They have 2 locations, one in Times Square and one near Carnegie Hall. We dined at the Carnegie Hall location and it was really excellent. 

the outside is really cute and well looks like a 50's diner

another shot of the diner I took earlier in the can see the great lighting inside 
so what happens when a table of photographer's have lunch? 

They shoot their food!! It was rather funny when the food was brought out, everyone got their camera and starting taking pictures ...wonder what others in the diner thought!! I had the wonderful lamb burger with feta cheese and a was really quite yummy

we had one brave soul order the 15 bite famous hot dog (click on photo to enlarge but be warned "it is a big dog") 

it was featured in the NY Times so you know this was serious!

the roast chicken club was huge and looked so good!  

if you wanted Corn Beef with Pea Soup...this is a good place to get it ! Just an amazing amount of corn beef all in one place!!

and after you are done eating at the Brooklyn Diner, head next door to Lee's Art Shop for a bit of shopping and gift purchasing. I love Lee's as one of the many fantastic "different" places to shop in NYC. It is a must. 

What I also would like to try in the future were the "Tipsy Shakes" 
 TIPSY SHAKES (alcohol enhanced)
Strawberry Blond CheeseShake
Bacardi Rum, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry ice cream
Banana Coconut
Malibu Rum, strawberry and vanilla ice creams, coconut shavings
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana
Godiva, Baileys, banana, chocolate ice cream,
crumbled peanut butter cups
Lemon Meringue
Bacardi Rum, vanilla ice cream, lemon sorbet, meringue top

What one would you order? The Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana has my name all over it!!

Today's Words of Wisdom: We teach people how to treat us (Eleanor Roosevelt) 

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Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 

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Annemarie said...

Lovely photos! The food looks delicious!

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