Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to Chelsea Market !!

Chelsea Market is a great, great place to visit. It is located 9th Avenue and West 15th Street. This is a great place to obtain some food items to bring back home. The Food Network tapes here but there are great places to eat, floral shop, wine shop, dairy, and of course the new Anthropologie store. Let's see what we can find.......

the outside is really beautiful ...all brick building

didn't look too busy on the outside when I got there

it was a hot day but not that humid so I was doing okay

food network had a big ad right near the market

inside a bit 2 least fave things about the market is minimal bathrooms (you have to wait in line for a bit to use one) and seating is not plenty. if you wait a bit however you can get something as this was a Saturday so busy day. as I was leaving however it seemed to be more people coming in.

this is Buon Italia ...just a great italian market with prepared foods as and espresso bar is also here for your pleasure as well as caviar (domestic, Russian and Iranian) You will be happy when you leave this little place!!

Open since 1991, Fat Witch Bakery makes ....Brownies...they are the most wonderful chocolate confections you will ever taste....they are pre-wrapped so easy to take home and great to freeze as well

This is the only location (the other in Harlem is by appointment only) so it is worth the trip here. They also make mini's or Witch Babies which are soo adorable and great for a quick taste of chocolate heaven. The flavors include - Fat Witch, Java Witch, Blonde Witch, Red Witch (the original with dried cherries), Snow Witch, Caramel Witch, Breakfast Fat Witch and Fat Witch Walnut. They are online and do ship...which witch is your favorite? 

since my feet were barking and I really needed to sit for lunch, The Green Table is one of the few places that actually have seating so that is where I headed. Only trouble being single they sat me right at the window so everyone could see me! 

sometimes when it's really hot, I just need a soda. I am normally not a soda drinker but it was hot outside! The Green Table is a farm to table cuisine restaurant, all organic. The house made ginger doughnuts, served warm, are wonderful. 

I had the mushroom pot pie which was really wonderful - trying to have a healthy lunch!

the Gramercy Flower Shop has some gorgeous flowers for sale. They have been in business since 1904 and has been run by the same family.

what gorgeous colors?? 

I wasn't to carry any flowers home but wish I could have....everything was just beautiful

Since it was so hot outside, gelato seemed like a great idea

should I get a cone or a cup?

so many choices......

I decided on a cup with Peanut Butter was sooo good! I would suggest this stop while you are in Chelsea Market, especially if you have never had gelato. 

We will look into some of the other shops in more detail, but please be sure to check out Chelsea Market on your next trip to the city. It is a must-do for sure!! Stay tuned for more from Chelsea Market.........

Today's Words of Wisdom: Never Forget a Kindness 

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Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 
Chelesa Market

Mon-Fri 7am-9pm / Sat 7am-7pm / Sun 8am - 6pm 

  • Location:75 9th Avenue (Between 15th and 16th Streets)
  • New York, NY 10011
  • By Subway:
  • To 14th Street and 8th Avenue
  • By Bus:
  • Downtown M11 to 15th and 9th Avenue
  • Uptown M11 to 15th and 9th Avenue
  • Crosstown M14 to 15th and 9th Avenue
  • Paid Parking Garage:
  • West 15th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue


Paris Pastry said...

Amazing! A market inside a building. Peanut butter ice cream: I'm jealous!

highheeledlife said...

Rosemary, what an adventure you guided us through! It looks like an absolute fantastic place!!! ...HHL

Anonymous said...

Surely life can hardly get any better than this. Impressed. Please have a nice Tuesday.

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Front Row Mode said...

Loving the Pictures


Check out our blog hope you follow it

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love Chelsea Market! They always seem to be adding new stores.

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