Monday, April 19, 2010

NYC Window Art ** Saks ** Lacoste** Dino Baldini**

My trip back to the city a few weeks ago gave me the chance to see some great new windows. The NYC Windows brings us to a regular feature on this blog and some fab stores with some fab window stylists.......

since we do have some men followers, these looked wonderful from Dino Baldini

love the whole look.......very smart ....

cute Lacoste window as well...Andy Roddick wears this brand on the atp tour 

work going on in front of Saks but windows still amazing

love the way you can see some of across the street in the mirror 

did someone say "Dior" ?

very classy windows 

not sure the name on this one but oh so cute

I couldn't feel my feet at this point, being in new ugg sandles at 44 degrees was a bit of a workout ....but by afternoon it was all good and 62 balmy degrees!!!

more Saks tomorrow ......oscar .....valentino....good stuff ........

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 

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