Saturday, February 13, 2010

LeSportsac and Swatch - A Style Above -

LeSportsac and Swatch - 2 great companies with items always a cut above the rest. My mom worked in a children's boutique that sold both of these items and they are still very fashion forward. I have swatches from many years ago and they still work wonderful, well swiss know how to make watches, don't they? (they are good with chocolate too from what I hear!!) LeSportsac bags are great and I usually take one to NYC with me as they have so many compartments to put your necessities and it is easy to get them in a hurry. If you are ever in a pinch for a gift for someone, you cannot go wrong with either one of the items below. Here are some of my picks from these great companies:

How great is this patent color?? Loove it adorable  - Isle Patent is the color - Basic Shoulder Bag for $108.00

Las Vegas Swatch - love the gold color - only $55.00 -

Gold Patent .....this never goes out of style and goes with everything Square Hobo in Gold Rush $98.00 and is now 30% off on  

this swatch is very elegant looking and can definately be worn for work - Fancy Me Pink Gold - pink gold is very hot by the way - $135.00 - this will last you forever, trust me !!

Red Patent - Wow !! This is adorable and soo fun .....Small Cross Body Red Patent $48.00 - this is also 30% off on - great for running around NYC !!!

Since I am a lover of color, this swatch caught my eye....would go with everything and anything ...called Fashion Swatch and retails for $100

Yep, you guessed it, a NYC swatch...ohhh I am in trouble...big great...only $60.00

Then I saw this one and well, more trouble than the first - a Times Square Swatch - $65.00 - this is just too fabulous for me to handle !!!

118 Greene Street
Soho NYC

West Broadway
between Thompson and Wooster Sts
Soho NYC

I hope you have enjoyed some of the new items from these great companies and they both have websites you can order from as well as major department stores. Swatch is carried in one of my faves, Nordstrom, and LeSportsac is in Bloomingdales.

 They both have a few locations in the city but I have given the addresses of the Soho shops as I feel they are the nicest. You will always be fashion forward with any items from either of these brands. Now I must go and order a swatch. But which one?? :)

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