Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have you ever been to Fred Flare ??

Fred Flare is the online shop and brainchild of Chris Bick and Keith Carollo, two guys who moved from Chicago to Brooklyn to start their first "boutique" -- selling drink coasters off the back of their bike.

I can't really explain this website and now store in Brooklyn except to say: you must check it out! They have the most fun items, unique gifts and even if you just check out their website...you will be smiling!!! Some of their interesting items are:

Edible crick-ettes ....and they also come in 2 other flavors : Sour Cream and Onion and Salt & Vinegar ....only $3

Umbrellas of Cherborg raincoat....this is really cute ....$80

yep, a bunny ring..how cute for the easter basket, also comes in silver and only $12

what can I say about these?? too funny, and only $9

-0- calories and keeps your gums looking good !! $9

I really should get one of these!!! how great and only $10

Russian Doll measuring cups ....$16

huh, duh, argh, oh, ha, moo sticky pads for your wonderful office!! oh huh?? $18

New York the Wonder City - yep I agree with that...this is a great mini journal to take with you while you travel to NYC (or any other city) and write down your daily travels !! $12

okay this is the last one, I promise.. buttered toast ..wallet...for the person who has just about everything!!! $16

     Fred Flare is located at :
                     131 Meserole Ave Brooklyn NY 11222.
                    Their store is open 11-7 MON-SAT and 11-5 SUN


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Champagne Macarons said...

the nesting doll measuring cups are sweet! I would love to have them.
Thank you for visiting my blog today.
As far as the Ladurée beauty products, I've never found them in the U.S. except Sephora.com; however, I never saw them on the website.
xoxo, B

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