Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Demel Cafe at the Plaza Hotel NYC Part 2

It was really difficult to have all shots from Demel in one post. So sorry. More torture for you today. Pleeze forgive me!! I have also found visiting twice so far that they do have different items each time. Something you may see once and then plan to go back to try may not be there. They do sell whole cakes as well if you really want to suprise someone....that would be one heck of a suprise, let me tell you. Okay...ready....on we go ......

is that fruit I see? yep ...and strawberries but hey very healthy stuff .....

I did not see these last beautiful ....too pretty to eat .........

this is a chocoholic's dream.....................

and a coffee lover's dream as well...they have some of the best coffee chocolate isn't really that terrible either !!!!

Meet the Anna Torte .....this is pastry art at it's finest....named after Anna Demel it is a chocolate layer cake with chocolate cream in between hazelnut chocolate praline on top ........

I shot photos of this many times the first time seeing it .......just amazing ......

how do they make such a creation ?????

did I say how I loove chocolate ???

yes, the second time it came home with I could share with my mom...aren't I nice? I cannot explain this cake...the hazelnut chocolate praline on top was amazing all by itself.....the most excellent cake I have ever had.......definately try a piece if you suddenly find yourself in the lower level of the Plaza hotel. You will not be sorry and it's worth every calorie!!!!!!

Demel Cafe at the Grand Concourse at the Plaza Hotel, NYC ,

                              Monday – Saturday from 11.00 am – 7.00 pm
Sunday from 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual
For reservations, private parties, or further information
please call 212.572.0989

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