Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Sagaponack Flatiron Closing

I was very sad to hear via Sapagonack Instagram last week they will be closing for good. This pandemic has been especially hard on restaurants, all over the country, but particularly within NYC which has been the epicenter of the virus. I cannot stress enough once things open, and it is safe to do so, patronize your favorite spots. Whether in NYC or your local area, the restaurant industry has taken a huge hit for the last few months and they need all the help us foodies can provide. 

Another way to help those in NYC is that many of them ship their products either direct on their website, which I would try first, or on Goldbelly. This is not a sponsored post in any way, I am just giving you some ideas of ways to support the NYC restaurants. If you go to the Goldbelly site, you can search all NYC places that ship from the site. I have listed a few below, but by no means, is a complete list. It's great getting a bit of NYC delivered to your door! 


Shrimp tacos with a small salad and very tasty fries were soo good and I will miss terribly 

This was their lobster avocado blt sandwich which was very fresh, tasty and filling 

I truly hope we do not lose a lot more restaurants to this pandemic, and I plan to support them in any way I possibly can, as well as visiting the city as soon as it is safe to do so. It saddens me deeply when a great restaurant such as Sagaponack has to close due to the pandemic issues we have faced this year. 

I am in serious withdrawal at the moment. Be safe everyone, stay healthy and assist those restaurants in any way you can. 

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