Monday, August 31, 2015

The Winners of the Monica's Gourmet Cookies Giveaway!

The winners of the Monica's Gourmet Cookies Giveaway are:




Congrats ladies as I am sure you are going to enjoy these very, very much! Please leave a comment and let us know how you liked them.

One more note: I did have a bit of an issue getting hold of the winners. You need to leave your email address when you enter the giveaway, if you are not on twitter or facebook that I can reach you. I can't spend a week trying to find a winner. We do not do as many giveaways as we used to here, but those that I do, are very quality companies. I like to reward all of you with a chance to try new products, and introduce you to something that may be your new favorite thing! 

Remember: Leave an Email for Contact for All Giveaways !! 

A BIG Thank you to Monica's Gourmet Cookies for sponsoring this giveaway. If you are looking for a unique gift to send someone, these are a FAB idea! 

You can also find Monica's Gourmet Cookies on: Twitter / InstagramFacebook for new flavors and any specials they may be offering. 

Disclosure: There has been no monetary compensation for this post. Monica's Gourmet Cookies will be shipping the cookies to the lucky winners. All opinions are my own. These cookies are amazing!!


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