Monday, March 2, 2015

The Cake Boss Cafe in Times Square

The Cake Boss Cafe moved from it's original location in The Discovery Times Square to 8th Avenue, next to Port Authority. The Discovery Times Square location was very small, and the selection was tiny. I have actually viewed 2 of Buddy's live shows, Home for the Holidays and  Cake Decorating with the Cake Boss, which were lots of fun. Buddy seems like a good guy, although, I wonder if he is spreading himself a bit too thin. I was in my local supermarket, and found he had cake mixes and ready made icing for sale! 
When I walked in, it smelled fabulous! I was there on a Wednesday morning, and it wasn't too crowded yet. I would imagine this location by Port Authority is good for those traveling home that may wish to pick up something along the way. During a peek in on a Saturday visit, it was a mob scene! 
Merchandise galore was all over the place. 
This is why you come here. The cakes were really beautiful and give the French pastry chefs a run for their money! 
The cannoli cake was calling me! I am not sure if you can get a piece of cake while you are there with coffee, most cakes to purchase were whole cakes. 
More merchandise which is where I think he's going a bit too crazy. 
The lobster tails looked amazing. These are so good, if you have never tried one, it is a must! The cream inside just makes you smile ! 
$3.50 for a large cannoli in New York City is about right. They looked very fresh and filled from end to end. I hate when you eat a cannoli, and the middle is empty. 
Chocolate covered shells is a wonderful invention! 
Red Velvet Cake is everywhere. And rightly so because it is so darn good! These little guys were adorable, kind of pricey at $9, but you can share just to have a taste of it. 
I love these Italian cookies! They are so good, not too sweet, and fabulous to dunk in coffee or tea. They look pretty as well with those sprinkles! 
Seems there is a new show coming as well which is nice to see. I am not a huge fan of many shows on TLC, but I do like to watch Buddy in the bakery. 
Those little chef coats were around $35 which I thought stunk since your child will grow out of them in a quick amount of time. I did like the aprons which said "I'm the boss". 
This is genius! A cannoli cake tower. Be still my heart. 
Would I suggest you visit here? If you enjoy the show, and you like Italian pastry, give it a visit. Are the items pricey? Yes, but it is New York City and he is The Cake Boss. I recently ordered his famous coffee cake from the online store, as wanted to try it. They were giving discounts which I thought was nice, but it was still pricey due to the shipping via Fed Ex. The coffee cake was very good, but I felt for the price and I can get something similar at my local Wegmans. I am glad I tried it, but once was good enough for me. I would like to pick up some other items when in the city from the bakery to take home, but I'm not standing in line forever to make a purchase. The cannoli cake tower would be top on my list to give a taste test to!

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