Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celsius at Bryant Park

I finally had the chance to eat a late lunch at Celsius restaurant in Bryant Park. It is located right near the ice skating rink so it is really a wonderful winter experience.  
I sat right by that bar, they have heat lamps right over you which helps when it is really cold out. For me, it was a mild day when I was there, and it was a bit warm for me with the lamp. You know my full Italian blood works that way! 

The menu is varied from small plates, salads, winter favorites, sides, sandwiches and desserts. I didn't think the prices were that bad for New York City, and you don't need to do a full meal, dessert and a cup of cocoa is a nice treat. I went with the Tuscan Grilled Chicken - grilled marinated chicken, roasted Tuscan kale, oven dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, avocado crema on a toasted ciabatta roll. It came with the fries, cost was $16.00. The sandwich was good, chicken could have been a bit more tender, I liked the combination. The fries were excellent, fresh and tasty. 
 A nice up close shot of that sandwhich - pretty filled 
Such a nice setting, don't you think? 
How cool is this view? I could have stayed there for a long while, but the place was kind of kicking us out by 4pm for a private event. 
I wanted to order more than one dessert, but since time was not on my side, I did this one which was the Chai Spiced Donuts with Caramel Dipping Sauce. Don't they look cute? 
They were served warm, and they were very, very good. You do not get many and the price is $10.00 but if you split it with a group, not too bad. All their desserts run the same price. 
This is from the Celsius instagram, their Blue Velvet Cake, with vanilla crema, which I really wanted to try, but will next time. This looks amazing, like a red velvet cake I would imagine. This piece looks big enough to share as well. 
Would I recommend this place? Yes, the atmosphere is just fabulous, and the prices are not that bad for New York City. When you travel, you have to allow yourself experiences like this one as you won't find it anywhere else, and stretch that budget just a bit. The food is decent, I really like the idea of dessert and a hot cocoa or coffee to enjoy the lovely Bryant Park. I will be back before they close as they are only open during the winter season.

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Celsius At Bryant Park

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