Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Macarons Baked by Tiffany

I went shopping this past weekend at the King of Prussia Mall near Philadelphia. It is the most fabulous mall, and I have not visited for a few years. They really have all the best stores you can think of. I call my local mall a shopping center because the word "mall" is not really true. So I was thrilled to find french macarons at the King of Prussia Mall ! I was not planning to purchase them, but of course, I had to! Macarons Baked by Tiffany were right in front of the MAC store, good location! I was doing that happy dance!!  
The macarons are gluten free and I really loved the packaging as well. The worst thing is purchasing these lovelies to take home and have them break in the process. I have had some places in NYC just put them in a small bag and that does not work well. Their prices were very good I thought, $5 for 3, $10 for 6, $11 for 7 and so on. Worth every penny I say!  
The flavors were some unique ones too such as Root Beer Float, Rice Krispies Treat (the fabulous colorful one above), Hazelnut Rocher (the tan one above), Strawberry Lemon, Matcha (green tea) to name a few.  
The Salted Caramel below on the right was amazing! My Mom was in her glory enjoying this macaron! They seem to have a different consistency that others I have tried, but very, very tasty!  

I am always so happy to find new products and share with all of you! If you are in the area, I would stop by and give these macarons a try. I don't think you will be disappointed in the least! 

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