Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marzullo's Restaurant and Caterers

I think I have mentioned many times how I have met some fabulous people on twitter. Well, this arrived at my home yesterday and I was basically in biscotti heaven. You really find such a great group of people on the twitter website, and I am so looking forward to meeting more in the future. Marzullo's Restaurant  has been making me drool with their photos on twitter and facebook. They were kind enough to send me this wonderful package of homemade biscotti and I thank them so much! Let's see what else they make: 

I love love seafood and this looks so tasty!!  
this is a ricotta (magic word) cheesecake with a scone crust  
their catering is just so darn fabulous  
I am not sure how you decide to choose what dinner to have  
this is a great table....a little bit of everything ..... 
okay back to the biscotti ...these are filled biscotti and cake-like 
Peanut Butter and Nutella in the photo above, gosh my head is spinning right now  

These biscotti are just made with such care and great ingredients, the flavor is wonderful. I have yet to decide if I am sharing these with anyone, but I think my mom will be enjoying them with me! Thank you again to Marzullo's, and if you are in the Montclair, New Jersey area, please stop by and enjoy their wonderful creations!!  
17 Grove Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
Mon - Thurs 11am to 11pm
Fri and Sat 11am to 12am 
Sun 12pm to 10pm 

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Daryl said...

oh yum ... especially the mussels and calamari .. oh yes

Celestial Charms said...

Wow, so many delicious looking items. Biscotti with coffee is definitely a favorite of mine. The ricotta cheesecake would be something I would make a beeline to immediately! :)

Dee said...

Hi Rosemary, This blog post is delicious as always! MMM MMM good! Your right...I don't know how you would choose what to eat. Starting with one of those biscotti's sounds good.
Great pics!

Kristin said...

Hi dear Rosemary, I was just going to stop by you before I go and eat some. Now I'm even more hungry. All that deliciousness!!! Have a wonderful week!

Kristin xoxo

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