Saturday, December 3, 2011

The LeSportsac Giveaway Winners!!

I am thrilled to announce our TWO winners for the LeSportsac giveaway:

Beauty Blogger Bri 
Sarah W 

The folks at LeSportsac will pick one of these bags and send to the winners above! It will be a surprise when they open their box which one they receive! I really love both of them and knowing LeSportsac, are made of the best quality available!

I want to first thank LeSportsac, for this great giveaway. It was wonderful working with a company I have purchased merchandise from for the last 20 years! I think we may be working on something in the future as well, so everyone please stay subscribed to the blog!!

I also would like to thank all who entered and read the blog daily. I am working on some great giveaways for 2012 with awesome companies so it should be amazing! There is many more great areas of New York City to show you as well, so I will be happy to be your guide. Remember, please feel free to email me if you are traveling to the city and have any questions. I am more than happy to help out in any way I can.

I am headed to see the Elizabeth Taylor exhibit on Saturday, December 3rd and am very excited. It should be quite a showing of her collections. I am unable to take my camera bag due to the size, so my LeSportsac New York bag will be coming with me!! I believe tickets are still available at Christie's website, if any of you will be in the city by December 12th.

Today's Words of Wisdom: Big Girls Need Big Diamonds - Liz Taylor 

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