Monday, May 23, 2011

Keurig Coffee Maker Giveaway with 11th Street Coffee Winner!!

I would first like to thank 11th Street Coffee for this wonderful giveaway! I am thrilled to announce the lucky winner of this fabulous machine:


Erika will be enjoying this machine for a long time and can even make some iced coffee or tea for the upcoming summer months. 

I would like to also thank everyone who entered and remember there will be more great giveaways on this blog in the coming months!! 

11th Street Coffee sells many great flavors of the k-cups and their prices are the best you will find. They also sell the Keurig machines as well as other coffee equipment. Some of my favorites are the Wolfgang Puck line, Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry, Green Mountain Chocolate Glazed Donut, Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee. Please be sure to stop by and have a peek at their online store. 



Sarita Leone said...

Congratulations Erika!

erika sorocco said...

Thank you so much again, Rosemary - this is seriously one of the biggest surprises EVER...I never win anything! :P

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